Believing in Jesus, two blind people are healed

Friday 04 December 2020 - First week of Advent - Gospel of Jesus Christ according to Saint Matthew 9, 27-31 - Behold, he comes in power, our Lord, to enlighten the eyes of his servants.

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Presentation of Radio Don Bosco

Radio Don Bosco is a free, educational radio, of Catholic inspiration, and without any profit and political aim, which is inspired by the Christian message and teaching of the Church in order to collaborate for the growth and promotion of human and Christian people, especially youth of Madagascar.

Radio Don Bosco is a voice that speaks to everyone without any distinction, that speaks to young people because young people are the ones who make Radio Don Bosco. Proposes and spreads as beautiful and good is in Madagascar.

RDB is a voice that keeps everybody company,

  • at home and on the streets,
  • from morning to evening, and during the nights,
  • in the cities and suburbs,
  • in villages and isolated houses in the countryside, which remains largely faithful next who is alone, ill, far apart.

Who lovingly

  • make music, history, culture,
  • news, faith, entertainment,
  • sports, prayer, meeting, exchange,


  • of the people,
  • of youth,
  • of the poor men and child.