Woman, great is your faith!

Wednesday, August 05, 2020 - 18th week of Ordinary Time - Gospel of Jesus Christ according to Saint Matthew 15, 21-28 - A great prophet has risen among us,
and God has visited his people.

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It is true that it destroys life, but its presence urges us to fight against evil. The meaning of illness in the Holy Scriptures, "Finoana-Aina" with P Rakotondramanana Soloniaina Jean Emilien, Rector of the Ambohipo minor seminary , Antananarivo.

adults must not only educate and care for children, but they must imitate their sincerity and humility. Let us continue the catechesis of Pope Francis on the family with the explanation of Fr. Fenohasina Dorysse Randrianjatovo.

The alarming situation of children is due to the irresponsibility of adults. Pope Francis invites us to change this situation. Neither should we lose our responsibility, the social responsibility of persons, of each one of us, and of countries. Continuation of the Holy Father's catechesis on the family with  Fr. Fenohasina Dorysse Randrianjatovo.

Whatever the reason for pregnancy, the child is always the fruit of God's blessing. This is why Pope Francis denounced moral or physical violence against children. Explanation of the catechesis of Pope Francis on the value of the child with Fr. Fenohasina Dorysse Randrianjatovo.