Go into all the world

Saturday, January 25, 2020 — conversion of Saint Paul — Gospel of Jesus Christ according to Saint Marc 16, 15-18 — Praise the Lord, all peoples; celebrate him, all countries! His love for us is strongest; the faithfulness of the Lord is everlasting.

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The words of the elderly made an indelible impression on young people. And they comfort them in difficult times. Catechesis of Pope Francis about the value of the elderly:

The elderly transmit to the young people to search for the meaning of life and faith. It's a grace that we must thank the Lord, affirm the pope Francis. Here is the suite of the catechesis about the Vocation of the old age:

The pope Franciscontinue his teaching on the image of Simeon and Anna who shows us the treasure of the old age. They find a new strength in meeting God. Explication with Fr. Justolat Rafaralahimboa:

The pope Francis pointed out that young adult must imitate the fidelity in the marriage that elderly attest to us. Not only the fidelity in the marriage but also the patience in the prayer and the relationship with God.The suite of catechisms of Pope Francis about the value of the elderly in the family, with P Justolat Rafaralahimboa: