The Sabbath day, Do good or do evil ?

Wednesday, January 22, 2020 — Second week of the ordinary time — Gospel of Jesus-Christ according to Saint Mark 3, 1-6 — Jesus proclaimed the gospel of the kingdom and healed every infirmity in the people.

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On January 22, the church celebrates the memory of the Blessed Laura Vicuña. Born in Santiago(Chili). On April 05, 1891, daughter of a soldier and seamstress. Soon after her birth, the family had to migrate to Temuco.

Agnes was born around 290. At the age of twelve(topos from ancient literature, symbolizing a boundary between childhood and adulthood), she rejected the advances of the so of Rome who eagerly courts her.

We celebrate Saints Fabian and Sebastian on this January 20. Saint Sebastian was originary of Narbonne, in Gaule, lived, according to the Christian faith, in the third century. Fabian was a bishop of Roma from January 10, 236 to January 20,250, and the 20th pope of the catholic church.

Saint Maris, his wife Sainte Martha and their son Saints Audifax and Abacum were martyrs in Roma in 270, during the Aurelian persecution, ender its ruler Claudius II Gothicus.