On this 25 january, we celebrate the conversion of Saint Paul, Paul is a jew of the line of Benjamin.Born in Tarse (Cilicie), he met regularly Greeks and lived inthe Roman Republic. At the school of Tarsus he studied only literature, then he went to Jerusalem to study at the school of Gamaliel.

The memory of Saint François de Sales is celebrated on January 24th. Born on 21 August 1567 in Savoy, north of Annecy, François de Sales is the eldest son of François, Lord of Sales and officer in the army of the King of France François I and Françoise Sionnaz.

Today January 23, the church celebrates the memory of Sainte Émérentienne ou Émérance.She lived on the Fourth century, slave because she is  the daughter of the wet-nurse of Sainte Agnès.

On January 22, the church celebrates the memory of the Blessed Laura Vicuña. Born in Santiago(Chili). On April 05, 1891, daughter of a soldier and seamstress. Soon after her birth, the family had to migrate to Temuco.

Justice for the development of the weak

Follow in video the wishes of His Eminence Cardinal Tsarahazana Mgr Désiré. "If we want to be happy, we must promote justice", said Archbishop Désiré Tsarahazana during his presentation of vows for the Malagasy people. God loves us all without discrimination, that is why we must respect each other, help and protect the weakest.

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What kind of Salesians?

From February 16 to April 04 2020, The Salesian Congregation will hold the 28th General Chapter (GC 28) in Turin-Valdocco. This chapter presents 2 messages: the return to Valdocco, the Motherhouse of Salesian, after 62 years, the last was the CG18 and the general chapter which takes its title from a question: "What kind of Salesians for the youth of today?"

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Animated by hope

On December 29th, the official commentary of the Rector Major, Fr. Ángel Fernández Artime, on the Strenna 2021 "Moved by hope: 'Behold, I make all things new' (Rev 21, 5) was published in five languages: Italian, English, Spanish, Portuguese and French.

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