Stay awake and pray at all times...

Saturday, November 28, 2020 - 34th week of Ordinary Time - Gospel of Jesus Christ according to Saint Luke 21, 34-36 - Stay awake and pray at all times: so that you may stand before the Son of Man.

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Saturday, November 21, 2020 - 33rd week of Ordinary Time - Gospel of Jesus Christ according to St. Luke 20, 27-40 - Our Savior, Christ Jesus, destroyed death; He made life shine through the Gospel.

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The Sadducees do not believe in the resurrection, here their position, towards the question and towards Christ, is so obvious in view of the question that one would call "beast" in everyday life. Jesus has left them speechless because the resurrection is a life in God, and cannot be taken literally now, despite the prayer that says "on earth as it is in heaven". It is the fulfillment of God's will that one begins on earth, but human rituals no longer have a place in heaven; and Christ's words are clear: "He is not the God of the dead, but of the living".

So that we are not tempted like the Sadducees, who are always ready to oppose Christ based only on what they see with their eyes. The Jews, especially the Pharisees, at the time of Christ thought that the resurrection was a continuation of earthly life, with the possibility of taking a wife and husband; but for Christ, there is a change because it is a life in God, it is no longer a question of getting married. It is through faith and trust in God that this is understood. God gives us life. He calls us to be happy with him one day. But this requires effort on our part.