The poor widow put in more

Saturday, June 06, 2020 - Ninth week of Ordinary Time - Gospel of Jesus Christ according to Saint Mark 12, 38-44 - Blessed are the poor in heart, for theirs is the kingdom of Heaven!

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Chance only stopped Dera this time at a wake after being hit by a car on the road, and almost got into trouble for being on a bus carrying "toaka gays" to Antananarivo. He even asked himself: is he lucky or not? if he is lucky, why is he always in trouble? if he is unlucky, why does he always get out of it?

The attempt to rob an Indian jeweler was finally over, even though it had almost cost him his life, but Dera was still not thinking of going home. He met Vola in the street, but she didn't remember him. The next test was in a library.

The brigands have shown their talents. When it was Dera's turn, the stings that caused her to run away from home seemed less. He wished that the end of the world had come right away so that he didn't have to worry about doing something unusual that his two friends were expecting.

After being investigated by the police and getting away with it, Dera had to buy clothes because he had to return the clothes he had borrowed from Ramasy. He got the pants, but on the road, he ran into pickpockets he couldn't escape from, he saw again what he had never seen before.