Woman, great is your faith!

Wednesday, August 05, 2020 - 18th week of Ordinary Time - Gospel of Jesus Christ according to Saint Matthew 15, 21-28 - A great prophet has risen among us,
and God has visited his people.

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Although Dera feared that the visit of her parents might bring difficulties in his home, it was the opposite: thanks to Vola.

Dera has also been home alone: his wife, his children and his two maids were not there, they all had tasks to do. Dera had to stay at home and take care of him. That's when he realized that life is not just a routine: waking up, eating, working, sleeping. It has always been that way.

Dera has taken charge of his children's education not only at home but also in church, he has always been very involved. And he has seen that the responsibility of having children is not an easy task: starting in the womb, at birth and his education.

Dera tried to do everything the mother does to the baby, but the father doesn't always do it. He often had problems but he didn't give up.