About the ecumenical councils that have been very important in the history of the Church. After the first conference of Christian believers, with the apostles, held in Jerusalem in the year 50 (or 49) led by Peter, there have been 21 ecumenical councils that have confirmed the faith of believers according to the teachings of the apostles, in the face of great reforms, in the history of the Catholic Church. They protected the rights of the people and maintained peace. These are the following, and the Pope who led them: 1) Nicaea I (325) Silvester I. 2) Constantinople I (381) Damascus. 3) Ephesus (431) Celestine I. 4) Chalcedon (451) Leo the Great. 5) Constantinople II (553) Vigilus. 6) Constantinople III (680-681) Agathon. 7)

Nicaea II (787) Adrian I. 8) Constantinople IV (869-870) Adrian II. 9) Lateran I - Rome (1123) Calista II. 10) Lateran II - Rome (1139) Innocent II. 11) Lateranez III - Rome (1179) Alexander III. 12) Lateranez IV - Rome (1215) Innocent III. 13) Lyon I (1245) Innocent IV. 14) Lyon II (1274) Gregory X. 15) Vienna - France (1311-1312) Clement V. 16) Constance (1414-1418) Antipope John XXIII, Martin V. 17) Basel-Ferrare - Florence (1431.1438-1445) Martin V, Eugene IV. 18) Latranez V - Rome (1512-1517) Julius II, Leo X. 19) Trent/Trento (22/05/1542. 1545-1563) Paul III, Julius III, Pio IV. 20) Vatican I - Rome (1869-1870) Pius IX. 21) Vatican II (25/01/1959. 11/10/1962 - 08/12/1965) John XXIII, Paul VI. The various councils have always stressed the importance of respect for sacred things and mutual respect, especially the preservation of life and the rules of conduct, according to the faith inherited from one another.

New impetus

The celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Diocese of Ambatondrazaka in 2021 has brought spiritual renewal to Christians. Their current three main challenges are to improve the system to be in tune with the structure of the whole Church, to encourage Christians to pray and live the sacraments, and to urge them to be responsible in the life of the Church. Speech by Fr. Sata Jean Noël Andrianasolo

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Love and Salvation

Christmas is a great joy, because it is the love of God that has come to us, proclaims Fr. Bizimana Innocent, Provincial Superior of the Salesians Don Bosco of Madagascar and Mauritius, presenting his Christmas greetings. Salvation is accomplished, so life is not in danger of disappearing. It is this love and this salvation that we wish to fill our life so that we have peace.

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Zatti, our brother

The short film "Zatti, our brother" (Argentina, 2020) focuses on one of the most difficult episodes of his life. We are in Viedma, in 1941: at the age of 60, Zatti is forced to leave the hospital he has attended for decades. His faith and strength are tested.

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