10th November - Leon was born towards the end of the 4th century, some say he was born in Tuscany, some say in Rome. Other documents say it was in Etruria. His father's name was Quintianus and the story of his childhood is not well known but his first known history dates back to 418. He was then an acolyte to Pope Zosimus.

November 09 - Theodore was a Roman soldier and is one of the most famous martyrs of the Eastern Church. He was born in Syria towards the end of the third century. Be careful not to confuse him with the Holy Theodore revered on February 7th, as they are both soldiers and both martyrs.

08 November - Geoffroy or Godefroy d'Amiens was born around 1066 at Moulincourt, in the diocese of Soissons. The third child of Frodo, Lord of Moulincourt and Elisabeth, he was taken in charge at a very young age by his uncle, Bishop of Soissons, who had him educated at the Abbey of Mont Saint-Quentin, near Péronne.

07 November - Ernest is born in Steisslingen, Germany. As a young man he entered the Benedictine monastery at Zwiefalten on Lake Constance. He was director of this monastery from 1141 to 1146.

Visitatio ad limina Apostolorum

The Episcopal Conference of Madagascar carries out a pilgrimage visit called "Visitatio ad limina". This visit is held in the Basilicas of the Apostles in Rome every five years where the bishops pray, meet and talk with the Holy Father and visit the different dicasteries and congregations of the Vatican for the good of the life of the Church and the people of God. Jean Séraphin Rafanomezantsoa, Secretary of Coordination, Episcopal Conference of Madagascar.

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Love and Salvation

Christmas is a great joy, because it is the love of God that has come to us, proclaims Fr. Bizimana Innocent, Provincial Superior of the Salesians Don Bosco of Madagascar and Mauritius, presenting his Christmas greetings. Salvation is accomplished, so life is not in danger of disappearing. It is this love and this salvation that we wish to fill our life so that we have peace.

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Zatti, our brother

The short film "Zatti, our brother" (Argentina, 2020) focuses on one of the most difficult episodes of his life. We are in Viedma, in 1941: at the age of 60, Zatti is forced to leave the hospital he has attended for decades. His faith and strength are tested.

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