Woman, great is your faith!

Wednesday, August 05, 2020 - 18th week of Ordinary Time - Gospel of Jesus Christ according to Saint Matthew 15, 21-28 - A great prophet has risen among us,
and God has visited his people.

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The pope Francis pointed out that young adult must imitate the fidelity in the marriage that elderly attest to us. Not only the fidelity in the marriage but also the patience in the prayer and the relationship with God.The suite of catechisms of Pope Francis about the value of the elderly in the family, with P Justolat Rafaralahimboa:

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I was really moved by the “Day dedicated to the elderly” that we had here in St Peter’s Square last year, the Square was full. I listened to the stories of elderly people who devote themselves to others, and to stories of married couples, who said: “We are celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary, we are celebrating our 60th wedding anniversary”. It is important to present this to young people who tire so easily; the testimony of the elderly in fidelity is important. There were so many in this Square that day. It is a reflection to continue, in both the ecclesial and civil spheres.

The Gospel comes to meet us with a really moving and encouraging image. It is the image of Simeon and Anna, whom are spoken of in the Gospel of Jesus’ childhood, composed by St Luke. There were certainly elderly, the “old man”, Simeon, and the “prophetess”, Anna, who was 84 years old. This woman did not hide her age. The Gospel says that they awaited the coming of God every day, with great trust, for many years. They truly wanted to see Him that day, to grasp the signs, to understand the origin. By then, they were also perhaps more resigned to die first: that long wait, however, continued to occupy their whole life, having no commitments more important than this: to await the Lord and pray. So, when Mary and Joseph went to the temple to fulfil the provisions of the Law, Simeon and Anna moved quickly, inspired by the Holy Spirit (cf. Lk 2:27)


General audience by Pope Francis, 11 March 2015.